Eco Concept is a leading non-woven products supplier company in Malaysia. The company specializes in eco woven bag, eco bag and many other items. We have been in this industry for many years and proud to inform you that most of our business is through recommendations from previous satisfied customers. If you want to gain more information on our items, feel free to get in touch with us now.


The concept of eco-friendly products emphasizes that their production and application is environmentally friendly. According to the Environmental Professionals Network, the use of these products can benefit not only the environment but also the society and the economy while protecting the public health. It will be very helpful in reducing the pollution problem of air, water, soil and more if you choose to use them.

When you chose to switch to eco-friendly culture it will not just benefit the environment,
                    but also bring benefit to you. Some of the important include:
Improves Environment
Low Maintenance
Saves Energy
Lower Costs
Healthier Life
Saves Material
It helps in promotes a healthier lifestyle as it is proven that eco-friendly products can help you live in a healthier life as you can avoid the risk of expose to harmful chemicals especially those chemicals that found in the non-organic product. All of the eco-friendly product is produced by the natural ingredients and there are no additives added in them, so it is safe to use.
All the packaging that use by the eco-friendly products are all come from recycled materials which can easily decompose. It helps reduce the damage of the environment as no plastic are used.
Generally, eco-friendly products are expensive due to the high cost of production. But they can save you money in the long run as the material that used all from high quality recycled materials which will help them last longer in the natural environment.
The benefits will eventually outweigh the costs that you spend in the eco-friendly product, as it help you staying in a healthy and quality of life.


Our company is centralizing in supplying various ranges of non woven products, namely Non woven bag of various design, size and color with corporate logo printed and all related non woven and recycle products such as tupperware, pen and etc.


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